B y  C a r l  V e r m e u l e n


By Carl Vermeulen

Belgian Author and Publisher


“Carl Vermeulen knows how to get you to think in his book ‘De Mycofiel’.
He has carefully built his characters so that you find their actions logical and the story becomes believable.
You will be completely submerged and will only resurface when it is over.
Thanks to all the details, it’s impossible not to get carried away in the world of Jack Riesling.
Every word, every illustration comes to life, leaving you hungry for more.
It starts with getting to know Jack, his routines, his lifestyle.
Although he has almost everything a person could wish for, he still felt an emptiness.
Until one day, without realizing it, he makes a very unique discovery. 
Suddenly he saw himself in a position of power with all its consequences.
As you read on, the tension builds and closes with a powerful plot twist.
If you like books that feel eerily real and with a message about humanity, you should definitely read this story.
In the end you ask yourself the question; What would I have done?”
Suzanna Ruivo de Peña