The book ‘The Mycophile’ is written from the starting point of a movie scenario. The intention is to take the reader into a captivating and intriguing story of fiction and intrigue to provide entertainment.

It’s as if the reader settles into a comfortable cinema seat, after which the movie begins. The feeling I want to convey with this book is that the reader experiences a visual adventure, so to speak, full of twists and turns and question marks, and occasionally eating of the popcorn.

The book ‘The Mycophile’ is a book that pushes boundaries because of the separate creative writing and illustration style and the way in which the reader is, as it were, dragged into the world of protagonist Jack Riesling.

This story leaves open the idea to the reader of what he, she or them would do instead of Jack Riesling: give in to greed or resign yourself to what you already are or possess. A contemporary dilemma.

In this contemporary world of consumption of ‘more is the norm’, the book ‘The Mycophile’ is a description of the way in which a few individuals want to take control of the world. A fact that is current. Admittedly, fantasy and fiction use different instruments in this book.

The different characters all have their own motive in this literary opus and yet each have a common interest.

I thank the universe that gave me the inspiration to write this book. As a debut writer, it was an irrefutable urge for me that had to be fulfilled: to convert imagination into words (the invisible becomes visible).

I am therefore grateful that I was able to work smoothly on this piece and the ideas that I continuously got out of the blue when I was writing.

It would give me great pleasure if the reader would appreciate the story and the writing style.

In that respect, I thank the user in advance for the time and interest in this book. ‘The Mycophile’ is an ‘MBook’ (Movie Book).

Through the use of consistent, coherent and frequently suggestive illustrations, this reading technique actively contributes to the reader’s imagination.

Carl Vermeulen


The book ‘The Mycophile’ or mushroom lover is a book written to take the reader into the adventure of protagonist Jack Riesling.

The book describes in part a fragment from the life of this fascinating character who, despite having already achieved everything, is confronted with the dilemma between greed and the ethics of human harmony.

Jack Riesling is a man of many talents, and he has been able to capitalize on them intelligently. His successes are mainly the result of his inexhaustible refreshing creativity, perseverance and focus.

Jack Riesling is a winner.

Only: the talent that he does possess as an artist and painter, he cannot live up to in the art world. Despite his many attempts, his paintings hardly ever sell.

Until one day, very by chance, he discovers the fungus ‘Binonotus Phalloides’ on his domain. This mushroom, which has been extinct for centuries, known from the Mayan period, which can no longer be found anywhere in the current world, appears to have magical powers.

This will be the beginning of a hallucinatory, amazing and interesting adventure.

Jack Riesling discovers the infinite possibilities of this unique mushroom and thus manages to make his ultimate dream come true: to become a world-class artist.

Jack’s life suddenly becomes ‘universal.’ Not only does he jump to a high level in the art domain, but he also makes it happen in other areas.

However, not only Jack is aware of the enchanting power of the ‘Binonotus Phalloides‘. There are hijackers on the market who want to get hold of the magic formula of the fungus who have bad intentions.

This brings us to a thriller full of intrigue, tension, romance, violence and the question of who will ultimately win the game.

‘The Mycophile’ is a thriller that drags the reader into an amusing game of fiction and truth.

Carl Vermeulen makes his debut with this novel and shows through his inventiveness and creativity that the book has the potential of a classic.

A book that surprisingly inspires and dares to animate creatively. Written and illustrated in the form of a screenplay.

Carl Vermeulen auteur


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